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Anti Aging Treatment

Best Anti Aging Treatment in Jodhpur

We all age and our skin is no exception. It goes through a series of changes, including loss of elasticity, loss of radiance, wrinkles, loss of facial fat pads, pigmentation, and other signs of aging. While there are numerous things we can do to slow down the aging process, once aging appears on the face, cosmetic procedures may help you improve your appearance..

With aging our skin undergoes the following changes - less collagen production, loss of specific fat pockets on the face, fine lines and wrinkles formation & dry, lifeless appearance. Due to all the above skin and other deep tissue changes, our face looks aged. There are several cosmetic skin treatments and procedures available to improve facial appearance by correcting these aging skin defects.

Benefits of Anti Aging Treatments:
  • Visible wrinkle reduction
  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • A fresh, healthy glow
  • Unclogged pores
Our Anti Aging Treatment Includes:

1. TREATMENT:It is an injectable muscle relaxer that uses botulinum toxin type A, specifically OnabotulinumtoxinA, to temporarily relax the muscle thus helping to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. This treatment is minimally invasive and is considered a safe and effective treatment procedure for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This treatment requires minimal preparation and is usually a lunch-hour treatment. However, one needs to inform the doctors of any medical history, allergies, or medical conditions before the procedure.

Benefits Of Treatment:

This Treatment works by temporarily blocking nerve signals and muscle contractions. This reduces the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes and between the brows. It can also inhibit the creation of new wrinkles by reducing facial muscle activity.

2. Nonablative Skin Rejuvenation: Non-ablative skin rejuvenation uses a laser to improve the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, and minor scars by creating heat in the skin without injuring the surface of the skin. The heat produced by the laser stimulates collagen formation, causing the skin to tighten and seem youthful and healthy.

Nonablative lasers are frequently fractionated, delivering heat into the skin in thousands of small, deep columns known as microthermal treatment zones, with normal untreated skin intervening. The fractional approach allows the skin to heal much faster than if the entire area was treated. This approach lessens the recovery period and reduces the number of complications that can occur. Multiple sessions are needed in most cases.

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